Who are you and why should I care?

By day, I’m an instructional technologist. By night, I mentor, study, and generally consume all things info-tational.

I’m on my way to skilling up in my chosen field, education technology. I’m not a skill-up expert, but I do have a story to tell. As a taste, here’s last Tuesday:

(Disclaimer: This is not a humblebrag. This is so that you can get a feel for who exactly is offering you random advice on a random skill-up blog.)

7:00    Waffles and Espresso 

7:30    Daily affirmations (“I am not just burnt-out ex-TFA, I do have utility”)

8:00   Listen to Getting Smart podcast on commute

8:45    Sip oolong and check my Panda feed:

panda feed

9:00    Conduct Google Hangouts training with instructors regarding best practices for new VoiceThread feature

10:00  Update digital assets in Moodle learning management system based upon Hangouts feedback

11:30    Sign up for digital learning xTalk at MIT

11:30    Meet with deans to plan instructional design workshops for the coming semester

12:30    Check Twitter while eating unthinkably good $4 Trader Joe’s sushi

1:00      Comment on message board for current Harvard Extension course on digital media design. The textbook is pretty:

deisgn book

1:30     Record and produce video tutorial on best practices for content layout in Moodle

5:00    Watch Lynda.com tutorial on Foundation web framework on commute home

6:00    Dinner and checking my LinkedIn edtech news feed

7:00    Finish up Code School JQuery module

8:00    Nightly affirmations (“I am not insane, I don’t mind being busy”)

9:00    Rinse and repeat


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